Tamar Choshen is a senior management consultant, helping organizations achieve excellence for the last 20 years. Tamar helps organizations to proactively and effectively manage critical processes in their development. These include:


Tamar Choshen applies a variety of consulting methods, the combination of which allows for systemic effectiveness:


HR Managers as Internal Consultants


A unique program, being held twice a year, has been developed for HR managers who regularly perform

OD and management consulting activities.

The program is meant to improve consulting

skills and tools and help HR managers proactively

identify organizational challenges requiring consulting intervention, and give them optimal internal answer.


To enroll in the coming program or to design an internal program for your HR team click here


Expertise in Tech Organizations


Tamar has vast experience working with a variety of technological organizations, ranging from start-ups

(as early as seed stage), to large global corporations. Tamar helps them proactively plan and manage

critical processes in their lifecycle.



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