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The "Chosen People" or "Citizens of the World"? Challenges Faced by Israeli Sites of Global Corporations

By Tamar Choshen – Management Consultant (Published in HR Journal, February 2012)


Being acquired by a global corporation is the highest ambition of many hi-tech startups in Israel. The exit is usually celebrated as a triumph and accompanied by joy and enthusiasm. However, follow-up on hi-tech businesses during the first few years after acquisition shows that the post-exit routine is far less exiting.
Many former hi-tech startups are characterized by reduced engagement, motivation and morale, coupled with a difficulty adjusting to the new reality. The fantasy of becoming a dominant and influential organization in the multinational corporation is slow to materialize. The challenges faced by executives in the large global corporation are different, even for companies that were already global prior to the acquisition.

"Some roads cannot be cut short" - Change Management in Avaya Development Group

Tamar Choshen and Hila Manoach, HR Manager at Avaya ; (published in the proceedings of the Israeli Annual Human Resources Conference ; Tel-Aviv, November 2007). 


The hi-tech world is dynamic and demanding. The need to meet the clients' ever-changing requirements often forces development organizations to carry out frequent changes and demands flexibility and quick adaptability. When the response is too hasty, however, it often spells failure. The abilities to grasp the change required, to chart an organizational structure and communicate it do not, by themselves, ensure assimilation. Rash management of change processes all too often leads to costly assimilation failures. Therefore, the HR manager must balance between the expectations to make haste and the need to pull the brakes and ensure critical phases are not left out of the process.


"Not over the Phone" – Effective Organizational Communication in the Technology Age

Tamar Choshen ( Neto+ , Journal for Labor and HR Management , Jan. 2006, in Hebrew).


The immense growth in the use of emails has made this medium so commonplace that many employees spend a considerable portion of their working day emailing. Although it is an efficient and quick medium allowing for real-time message transmission to multiple addressees, it is not without its disadvantages.

Effective Conflict Management in the Management Team

Tamar Choshen ( Human Resources Journal , Dec. 2005 in Hebrew).


A senior manager in a growing technological organization told me once that although the company suffers from a lot of problems, "luckily, what keeps us together as a team is the fact that we're awfully nice. You will never hear us argue or fight. Sounds pretty idyllic, doesn't it? Far from it, if you consider the organization's dynamic reality.

Growing Pains


A growing organization is akin to an adolescent. His voice changes, but is still unstable; parts of his body grow disproportionately to others; and most importantly, he would like others to treat him like an adult but allow him to act as a child. For the organization, as for the adolescent, this is a critical stage of development. It promises great prospects but also threatens with destruction. Appropriate growth management is absolutely essential in this stage. However, many mangers tend to direct their resources outwards – to the market and clients – and not inwards, for process management, precisely at this critical junction. The paper presents crucial dilemmas typical of the transition from start-up to organization, as well as tools which will enable the HR manager to become a central player in steering the process.

R&D Management in Israeli-American Start-Up Companies

Tamar Choshen (published in the Israeli HR Journal – Mashabei Enosh , July 2004).


The article deals with the unique characteristics and challenges faced by growing start-ups, focusing on the common causes of managerial difficulties and challenges in growing Israeli-American companies – The interface between marketing and R&D.

An Integrative Program for Management Development – It Works!

Tamar Choshen and Neomi Ifahr, Training and Human Resources Development Manager at Maccabi Healthcare Services , (published in the proceedings of the Israeli Annual Training Conference; Tel Aviv, June 2003 ).


Management development programs are designed to improve participants' managerial effectiveness. All too often, these programs are managed as a "bubble'', with little or no connection between the program and organizational reality. The program presented herein combines support by all organizational functions involved in implementation processes. This combination makes for an effective program during which the participants are given the opportunity to apply acquired tools. 

" Who's Mommy's Genius?" - How to retain exceptional employees (and still be able to continue working with them ).

Tamar Choshen and Dorit Amitay, HR Manager at Compugen ; (published in the proceedings of the Israeli Annual Human Resources Conference ; Tel-Aviv, November 2002).


Losing a key employee can cost a high-tech organization tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars when the employee in question is the only one who controls a certain domain of knowledge or a client. The article deals with the dilemmas organizations face in their efforts to retain key employees and suggests managerial tools for developing effective employee retention processes. 

Training Management in an Era of Change and Uncertainty

Tamar Choshen ; (published in the Israeli HR Journal – Mashabei Enosh , May 2002).


"Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans" (John Lennon). In a dynamic and constantly changing reality, it is important to adjust long-term training management plans to the changing organizational reality and be prepared for surprises.

Teamwork in Global Technological Organizations

Tamar Choshen ; (published in the Israeli HR Jour nal – Mashabei Enosh , May 2001).


Work characteristics in technology organizations such as high level of specialization, globalization and encouragement of competitiveness make for a difficult teamwork environment. In such an environment, it is important to promote creative ideas for enhancing teamwork, which will have a direct impact on productivity.

Organizational Communications in an Era of Globalization and Rapid Technology Development

Tamar Choshen ; (abstract published in the Israeli management journal - Status ; December 2000).


Reckless use of modern and sophisticated communication channels may create misunderstandings under the guise of flowing and free communication

The Global Village in My Backyard - Human Resources Management in a Global Company . 

Tamar Choshen and Mr. Gidi Ferber , VP HR at Big Band Networks; (published in the proceedings of the Israeli Annual HR Conference ; Tel Aviv, November 2000).


Technology organizations in the globalization era establish sites all over the globe from a very early stage in their development. A global organization should be able to strike the balance between centralized global processes and processes at the local level.

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